Automation Testing

Automation Testing

Why do we need the best Automated Testing Tools for Web Applications?

1. Selenium

Selenium is the most popular and widely used open-source web automation framework. Based on a Survey on Test Automation Challenges, nine out of ten testers used Selenium in their projects. That is to say, this testing platform is also considered as the industry standard for UI automation testing of Web applications.
Selenium can extend its web services across multiple Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also to various browsers like Firefox and Chrome.
Additionally, it works well with several programming and scripting languages like Java, C#, and Python.
Selenium can bring out some highly powerful browser-centered automation test scripts which work perfectly well across different environments. Selenium IDE also offers record and playback features to write test.
You must know that Selenium offers flexibility like no other web application testing tools. Well, that is, if you are someone who has experience and skills in programming and writing scripts. You can build the best kind of automation frameworks necessary to automate web. Provided you have advanced programming skills and some quality time in your hands.
There is indeed a reason why Selenium is considered as one of the best automated testing tools for web applications.

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