Web Designing Training


Our Web Designing Course in Chennai is for students and professionals who want to learn skill sets to create ergonomically viable websites and web apps. Our web designing course is structured and updated to the most recent technical aspects of designing.

If you are on the look for an inventive and promising career then our web design training is tailored to set your foot in a web designing job or use it for your own business purposes.

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Web Designing Training

Our web designing course in Chennai tutors you from fundamentals to advanced skills of web designing. Our website design courses are systematically taught by working industry experts and they cover current trends in web design technology including basic programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Zuan Education is a leading web designing institute in Chennai to learn web designing through 100% practical real-time projects through both classroom and online training.

Further to add value to the course our web designing course in Chennai is framed to meet the current requirements in the web designing career.

A Lucrative Career Choice

High and Wide Demand

The web development industry comprising web designing is poised for a 20% growth by 2020 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Web designing is a never-dying industry as its necessity is implicated in the Mobile industry, Entertainment industry, Medicine and Healthcare industry, Manufacturing industry, Banking industry and Insurance industry. Such a wider demand obviously creates a high demand for trained web designers.

Easy to Learn:

Unlike other complex software programs, web designing is easy to learn through guided hands-on training.

Attractive Salary & Growth Opportunities

The average salary for a Web Designer in India per year is INR 234,103 according to payscale.com.

Based on the individual's educational qualifications and experience a web designer can take up several roles such as User Experience Designer; Graphic Designer, Web; Senior Web Designer and Web Developer.

Multi-Industry Job Opportunities

Learning web design course in Chennai at Zuan Education will groom you into a professional designer and to get you jobs across various industries like IT, ITES, eCommerce, eLearning, Print and ePublishing.

Who Can Attend The Website Design Training?

Zuan Education’s website design training is offered for those interested to learn new skills in designing and also further hone their skills in web designing.

We focus on offering the course specifically for,

  • Students and Graduates
  • Freshers, Job Seekers and Career Switchers
  • IT Professionals
  • Business Owners and
  • Freelancers

Why learn Web Designing Course from Zuan?

Our web designing training in Chennai premises is taught based on 5 “Cs”, namely, Catch, Conceptualize, Create with Creativity and Career.

  • Catch- We help you catch or get the idea of what web designing is from scratch based on individual student attention.
  • Conceptualize- We train the students by providing them projects that are based on concepts. You can accomplish projects by attending web design classes in person or by taking up web design classes online.
  • Create with Creativity- After you catch on the theory part and conceptualize appropriate designs you start creating designs through creativity. Your creativity is efficiently guided through programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery etc.. We also keep updating on the techniques and aspects involved in designing to meet the current demands of the IT industry.
  • Career- Our training is tailored to meet the current web designing career requirements. After the course completion you get a web designing certification that will help you to find a promising career in web designing.

Course Duration- 120 Hours
This project will teach you to add video as a banner. Placing fixed navigation in the header section, describing content using tab with vertical positioning, adding info graphic images of the products, testimonials, social links and other quick links will be part of this project.
100% Job-Oriented Training
This project will train your hands on Designing an Agency Landing Page in Photoshop, Convert the Agency PSD into HTML and make Agency HTML Responsive.
Customized Syllabus
This project will train you to create a layout with a minimum of eight sections. The header section will include logo and navigation. You will learn to create banners with content that has slide or fade effects. You learn to add specific content titles and images. Then you learn to add events with images and client testimonials. You also learn to place the footer with social and quick links.
Affordable Course Fees

Key Features

  • Introduction to Designing Application
  • Application Tools & Layout Design
  • Understanding Grid System
  • Understanding Various Design Layout
  • Creating Layouts using Grid System
  • Understanding Color Palette
  • Working with Styles
  • Automation
  • Gif Animation
  • Slicing Layouts & Preparing for HTML Conversion

  • Introduction to Web Technology & Web Editors
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript - Introduction to the Core Concepts
  • Bootstrap / jQuery - Introduction to Frameworks
  • Whats New in HTML5?
  • HTML5 Doctype / HTML5 Document Structure
  • UTF-8 Character Encoding
  • HTML Character Entities
  • Head Tag and Elements inside the Head Tag
  • Meta Tags & What are they used for?

  • Creating a Website Project in HTML Editor
  • Understanding Basic Tags / Elements and Attributes
  • Working with Basic Tags and Font Formatting Tags
  • Understanding Block Level Tags, Inline Tags & Empty Tags
  • Introduction to CSS3 / Types of CSS and Significance
  • Heading Tags
  • Paragraph Tags & Multiple Columns
  • Adding Basic Styles using HTML Attributes and CSS Styles
  • Importing External Fonts
  • Inserting Images & Image Attributes
  • Working with Image Sprites
  • Working with Links & Link Attributes / Link States using Pseudo Classes

  • Working with Lists & List Attributes
  • Understanding CSS Selector
  • Creating Navigation Bars using Lists
  • Working with Tables & Table Attributes
  • HTML5 Table Elements
  • Styling Tables using CSS & CSS Selectors

  • Understanding Blocks - Div Block
  • Styling Div Blocks
  • Understanding Box Model - Margins / Paddings / Borders / Border-Radius / Outlines
  • Positioning Div Blocks & HTML Elements
  • Adding Box Shadows / Text Shadows
  • Adding Background Colors / Gradients / Background Images
  • CSS Overflow Property

  • Understanding Document Outline in HTML5
  • HTML5 Semantic Tags
  • Semantic Elements for Document Outlining
  • Keypoints about Document Outlining
  • Media Queries Common Device Breakpoints
  • Meta Viewport Tag
  • Better Understanding the Grid System to Design Responsive Websites
  • Apply Media Queries Based on Viewport Sizes
  • Adjusting Layout Based on Orientation
  • Flex Display Type
  • Order
  • Flex Direction
  • Flex Grow
  • Flex Wrap
  • Flex Shrink
  • Align Flex Content

  • Keyframes & Animation Property
  • Animation Timing Functions
  • Animation Delay
  • Multi Step Transitions
  • Animation Iteration Count
  • Animation Direction
  • Cross Browser Animation Support
  • 2D Transforms
  • 3D Transforms
  • Perspective
  • 3D Transform Functions
  • Filp Cards
  • Backface Visibility

  • HTML5 Form Elements
  •  HTML5 Form Attributes
  •  HTML5 Form Validation Attributes
  •  Patterns for Form Validation in HTML5

  • Embedding Google Maps
  • Audio / Video Elements
  • Audio & Video Attributes

  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Working with CDN Links & Advantages
  • Bootstrap Grid Systems & Terminologies
  • Glyphicons & Font Awesome
  • Bootstrap Classes
  • Bootstrap Image Classes

  • Bootstrap Forms & Modals
  • Bootstrap Scrollspy
  • Bootstrap Navigation
  • Bootstrap Carousel

Web Designing Certification

You may do web designing through self-learning or freelancing. But in order to capitalize on the demanding and evolving web designing career roles, it is essential to have a certification in web designing got through systematic website design training.

Having a proper certification authorizes you as a recognised web designer with excellent designing skills that would meet the expectations of the industry. Our web designing training and certification will help you to begin and step up your career in web designing.

Web Designing Certification

Students or Graduates
Basic knowledge in using Computer and Internet


In order to do website design training courses in our institute you should have a basic knowledge of computer usage and basic internet skills. Additionally, basic knowledge in programming would prove beneficial.
Having knowledge in programming is not mandatory to do our web design training courses. However prior knowledge in programming would prove beneficial. Upon enrolling for our web page design course you will be imparted skills in programming by our expert trainers.
Of course yes. As a fresher there is a huge demand for web designers who have completed website design training. Startups and MNCs always desire to have freshers to do the job of web designing.
We impart the best web designing training in Chennai. We have excellent in-house production facility, state-of-the-art support, expert industry trainers and we also provide feasible career guidance. Our web design training is frequently updated based on the relevant industry changes. We kindly request you to visit us once and find for yourselves why we call ourselves the best institute for web designing.
Yes, we offer the best web designing course in Chennai along with job placement assistance. After completing the web designing course we will assist you to get a job.
Yes, we provide web design classes online for those who prefer online training.
To attend the web design classes online you should either have a computer or a laptop with fast and stable internet connection. You should also have Teamviewer and Skype installed.